Review on Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin

Review on the Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin The MefHySto Closing Conference took place from the 3rd to 5th July 2023 in Berlin at BAM (Federal Association for Material Science), hosted by BAM and co-organized by ERIG – European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation. It was a great event […]

Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin

Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin The European project MefHySto (funded by the European Metrology Programme on Innovation and Research (EMPIR)) addresses the need of large-scale energy storage and metrology solutions around the hydrogen value chain, which are required for a successful energy transition. Large-scale energy storage is required to provide […]

CIM – March 07th-10th 2023 in Lyon, France

CIM – March 07th-10th 2023 in Lyon, France 21st International Metrology Congress ERIG will be part of the International Metrology Congress by Global Industrie from the 7th to 10th of March 2023 in Lyon. There we will present, besides others, recent project activities and results of the MefHySto Project ( on an exhibition stand. The congress will be run under 3 key applications: Industry […]

EGATEC2022 – European Gas Technology Conference 2022

Event on June 14-15th 2022 in Hamburg We are happy to announce that the 5th European Gas Technolgy Conference, EGATEC2022, organised by MARCOGAZ and GERG and hosted by DVGW with the support of ERIG, takes place in Hamburg, Germany. The event brings together high-level representatives from the European gas industry and provides a platform to […]

MefHySto at the European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days

ERIG is organizing an online partner event “European Gas and Energy Research and Innovation Days” on November 15-19th at gat | wat 2021. This years event is taking a closer look at the role of Power-to-Gas in the regional context, hydrogen tolerence and of course metrology. On wednesday the 18th of November MefHySto is hosting […]

MefHySto featured at EU Green Week ERIG is hosting a EU Green Week partner Event. In this event the vital role of gas in the European Green Deal will be discussed. A short introduction to MefHySto will be given by the project coordinator Michael Maiwald. Following there will be room for scientific exchange. Underlined with the contributions, the goal is […]

First MefHySto Stakeholder Advisory Board Meeting

SAB Meeting 1

We held our first joint Stakeholder Advisory Borad Meeting in MefHySto. It was envisaged that the SAB will consist of at least 15 members from external stakeholders and collaborators, including storage providers and manufacturers, electrolyser and FC manufacturers, the hydrogen industry, gas suppliers for distribution and transport, EMNs on energy gases and energy research communities. […]

MefHySto kick-off event

Online, September 30, 2020 – The kick-off event was a good three day long start into the event and the first meeting of all project partners together. It was the laying of the foundation stone, on which the future project will be built on. The event started with and a brief overview of the research interests […]