Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin

The European project MefHySto (funded by the European Metrology Programme on Innovation and Research (EMPIR)) addresses the need of large-scale energy storage and metrology solutions around the hydrogen value chain, which are required for a successful energy transition. Large-scale energy storage is required to provide energy during peak periods when renewable sources fluctuate. Advanced hydrogen storage solutions, such as power-to-hydrogen as well as power-to-gas and gas-to-power, are a prerequisite for achieving the EU’s ambitious new energy target of a 32% share of renewable energy by 2030.

MefHySto’s goal is to evaluate the quality of the hydrogen produced and to improve the reference state equations used to model hydrogen injection. In addition, the project investigated the sustainability and reliability of fuel cells (FC), whose performance is affected by impurities in hydrogen, and developed a harmonized method for hydrogen storage. Finally, the project dealt with metrological and thermodynamic issues in the large-scale storage of hydrogen in underground gas storage facilities (UGS) and in the conversion of existing UGS from natural gas into hydrogen.

14 European consortium partners have addressed these topics with the main objectives:

  • Increase the confidence in large-scale hydrogen storage
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Development of measurement technology to support smart grids for rapid hydrogen transfer to/from storage

The results of these investigations will be presented and discussed at the Final Conference of the Metrology for Advanced Hydrogen Storage Solutions project, which is hosted by the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), in cooperation with the European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation (ERIG) and the MefHySto Project Partners. It will take place from the 3rd to 5th of July 2023 in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany
and it will take place as a hybrid event.

We aim to bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from the field of hydrogen storage, the hydrogen value chain and metrology to exchange knowledge, share insights, and discuss the latest advancements in this crucial domain.

The three-day event will also include deep dive workshops, poster presentations, panel discussions and an exhibition of innovative technologies and solutions.

Please bring your poster. The poster submission is free of charge and open until the 15th of June.

You can also become part of our Exhibition. 

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