Review on the Closing Conference MefHySto July 03-05, 2023 at BAM in Berlin

The MefHySto Closing Conference took place from the 3rd to 5th July 2023 in Berlin at BAM (Federal Association for Material Science), hosted by BAM and co-organized by ERIG – European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation. 
It was a great event and we had fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange around hydrogen storage and metrology. 

With a total of 85 registrations we had around 40 guests in person, and the rest had the chance to join the conference online. In total 22 posters have been part of the poster exhibition and four exhibitors presented their products or companies on site. 

Key topics were: 

  • Power-to-Hydrogen:  Presentation of conversion and analysis solutions for power to hydrogen 
  • Thermophysical Properties: Delving into the properties and behaviour of hydrogen and gas mixtures 
  • Hydrogen-to-Power: Exploring gas analysis solutions for hydrogen power generation 
  • Reversible Storage: Examining innovative methods for reversible hydrogen storage 
  • Geological Storage: Investigating hydrogen storage in geological formations 

Those topics have been tackled through presentations, panel discussions and workshops.
We gladly gather the presentations to make them available online.

Publications Download

D1 WS WP3 – New Metrology for H2 Quality

D2 WS WP4 – Metrology for Reversible H2 Storage Technologies

D3 WS WP2 – Thermophysical properties of H2 and CH4/H2 mixtures