After a three-year break due to the pandemic, international gas experts met again for the first time in Paris from 17-20 May for the 11th Gas Analysis 2022 conference. In addition to a three-day programme of lectures on all current topics in gas analysis, there was also a trade exhibition, which was embedded in a large industry trade fair for the first time.

MefHySto was represented with its own exhibition stand, where visitors could inform themselves about the progress of the project. The results were also presented in two lectures. The project was also mentioned in numerous other presentations. Particularly valuable are the many discussions among experts, which we missed so much during the pandemic. GAS ANALYSIS 2022 was a complete success!

Please find our recent resultsand the posters below:

Poster MefHySto WP1: Metrology for Hydrogen Quality from Power-to-Hydrogen

Poster MefHySto WP2: Thermophysical Properties of H2 and H2-enriched natural gas

Poster MefHySto WP3: Metrology for Hydrogen Quality from Electrical Energy Storage by Hydrogen Back Conversion (Gas-to-Power)

Poster MefHySto WP4: Metrology for Reversible Hydrogen Storage Technologies – Metal Hydride Storage, Cryo Storage

Poster MefHySto WP5: Large-Scale Storage of Gases in Geological Storage Facilities