We held our first joint Stakeholder Advisory Borad Meeting in MefHySto.

It was envisaged that the SAB will consist of at least 15 members from external stakeholders and collaborators, including storage providers and manufacturers, electrolyser and FC manufacturers, the hydrogen industry, gas suppliers for distribution and transport, EMNs on energy gases and energy research communities. The aim of the SAB is to clarify the needs of the stakeholders and incorporate these into the project, such as metrological challenges in the field of hydrogen storage, as well as to serve as a „reality check“.

We are proud that all SAB representatives we had contacted spontaneously agreed to join us. And we are 17 today: Aragon Government, Spain; AREVA H2GEN, France; RAG Austria AG, Austria; NATURGY, Spain; Safran Landing Systems, France; Hiden Isochema , UK; CARBOTAINER S.L., Spain; Siemens AG, Germany; TÜV SÜD UK National Engineering Laboratory, UK; Michell Instruments, UK; Ball Wave Inc, Japan; Aspens, Germany; Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany; Project MetroHyve2, Europe; DGC, Denmark; KVGN, Netherlands; GASSCO, Norway.

We are very pleased with the great interest and are very grateful for it and thank our SAB for the fruitful meeting.