MefHySto – D8

Report on the metrological and thermodynamic issues in the large-scale storage of hydrogen in UGS and the conversion of existing UGS from natural gas to hydrogen including the simulation of the flow behaviour of hydrogen / natural gas mixtures Download report from Aug 2023 (M36) available soonCMI, DBI, BAM, NPL, Reganosa

MefHySto – D7

Report on (i) the definition of underground gas storages (UGS)- relevant impurities (ii) recommendations for measurements of hydrocarbon traces and (iii) an extension of the enhancement factor for hydrogen mixtures Download report from Aug 2023 (M36) DBI, NPL, BAM, UDC, CMI, Reganosa D1 WS WP3 – New Metrology for H2 Quality

A database to select affordable MOFs for volumetric hydrogen cryoadsorption considering the cost of their linkers

A database to select affordable MOFs for volumetric hydrogen cryoadsorption considering the cost of their linkers was introduced by CIIAE – Iberian Centre for Research in Energy Storage and Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung. Physical adsorption at cryogenic temperature is a reversible mechanism that can reduce the pressure of conventional compressed gas storage systems. Metal–organic […]

Thermophysical properties of H2 and CH4/H2-mixtures

In the exploration of hydrogen’s thermophysical properties, the significance of accurate density measurements becomes evident. Equally important is the role Equations of State (EoS) play in modeling hydrogen’s behavior. In the realm of metrology, traceable density measurements are key. Enhancing EoS for precise modeling aligns with efforts to achieve metrological traceability. This involves targeting specific […]

Metrology for Reversible H2 Storage Technologies

Exploring Underground Hydrogen Storage: The potential of utilizing geological cavities and formations for storing hydrogen and the feasibility of repurposing existing natural gas storage facilities to accommodate hydrogen storage needs. Metrological and Thermodynamic Challenges: Highlighting the critical importance of safety and reliability in large-scale hydrogen storage and challenges related to accurate measurements and thermodynamic considerations. […]

New Metrology for H2 Quality

Sustainability and dependability of fuel cells (FCs), which can be compromised by impurities present in hydrogen and air. The investigation involves quantifying how these impurities affect the performance and durability of proton-exchange membrane (PEM) FCs, both in the short term and the long term. To achieve this, tests were conducted on single PEM FC cells […]

Open access paper about Hydrogen Cryo-Adsorption Tanks

ZIF‑8 Pellets as a Robust Material for Hydrogen Cryo-Adsorption Tanks Abstract Cryoadsorption on the inner surface of porous materials is a promising solution for safe, fast, and reversible hydrogen storage. Within the class of highly porous metal−organic frameworks, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) show high thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability. In this study, we selected ZIF-8 […]

MefHySto publishes open access paper

Thermodynamic characterization of the (H2 + C3H8) system significant for the hydrogen economy: Experimental (p, ρ, T) determination and equation-of-state modelling Second Paper published within the MefHySto Project. Highlights H2-enriched natural gas is a key vehicle to introduce hydrogen in our energy infrastructure. Three hydrogen-propane mixtures, of reference-quality, were prepared. Density of these mixtures was […]