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The European project MefHySto addresses the need of large-scale energy storage, which is required for a shift to renewable energy supply. The project is funded by the European Metrology Programme on Innovation and Research (EMPIR) and consists of 14 consortium partners from all over Europe.

The MefHySto Project

Large-scale energy storage is required to supply energy at peak times when renewable sources fluctuate. A possible solution for energy storage is large-scale use of hydrogen. Advanced storage solutions for hydrogen, such as Power-to-Hydrogen as well as Power-to-Gas and Gas-to-Power, are a prerequisite to achieve the ambitious new EU energy target of a renewable energy share of 32 % by 2030.

In order to target the newly released European Renewable Energy Directive 2018/2001, metrological traceability in the energy infrastructure for hydrogen storage is crucial. Thus, improved knowledge of chemical and physical properties of hydrogen as well as traceable measurements and validated techniques are imperative.

To address this, this project will assess the quality of hydrogen produced and improve the reference equations of state used for modelling hydrogen injection. In addition, the project will investigate the sustainability and reliability of fuel cells (FC), whose performance is affected by impurities in hydrogen and develop a harmonized method for hydrogen storage. Finally, the project will deal with metrological and thermodynamic issues in the large-scale storage of hydrogen in underground gas storages (UGS) and in the conversion of existing UGS from natural gas to hydrogen.

Latest News
  • Open access paper about Hydrogen Cryo-Adsorption Tanks
    ZIF‑8 Pellets as a Robust Material for Hydrogen Cryo-Adsorption Tanks Abstract Cryoadsorption on the inner surface of porous materials is a promising solution for safe, fast, and reversible hydrogen storage. Within the class of highly porous metal−organic frameworks, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) show high thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability. In this study, we selected ZIF-8 […]read more
Latest Events
  • CIM – March 07th-10th 2023 in Lyon, France
    CIM – March 07th-10th 2023 in Lyon, France 21st International Metrology Congress ERIG will be part of the International Metrology Congress by Global Industrie from the 7th to 10th of March 2023 in Lyon. There we will present, besides others, recent project activities and results of the MefHySto Project (www.mefhysto.eu) on an exhibition stand. The congress will be run under 3 key applications: Industry […]read more

About the Project

Large-scale energy storage is required to supply energy at peak times when renewable sources fluctuate. A possible solution for energy storage is ...


There are 14 Project Partners from six different European countrys in the Consortium, that are coordinated by Michael Maiwald.

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